Graceland (work-in progress) is a series of photos inspired by lyrics from songs in Paul Simon's iconic album, "Graceland." Released in 1986, "Graceland" is Simon's most commercially successful album. Although he collaborated with black South African artists, and not the South African government, the album raised some controversy over recordings made in apartheid South Africa during the boycott that evntually brought down the segregationist system. For me and many others of my generation, "Graceland" is deeply nostalgic. It is a truly remarkable work of art, as comfortable as old slippers and as torturous as a broken heart. For me, the album places me in the early and difficult years of my parents' separation. In manifesting the beautiful visual imagery of this album, I honor that period of my life and attempt to connect it to my present condition by merging period nostalgia with contemporary sensibilities.

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Glasell Park, Los Angeles, CA