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15-MINUTES | $55


Need new photos? Want character shots? Don’t have a lot to spend? Don’t need  lot of coaching to have a good session? Don’t mind shooting with other clients around? This is for YOU!


  • A 15-minute one-look session.

  • Downloadable high-resolution images within one week. (NOTE: I do not promise a number of images because every session is different--some people are instantly comfortable and intuitively know what to do. Others need a few minutes to get warmed up. I work with you during your session to get strong shots. For headshots, you only need a couple of great images. So I focus on getting at least a few great shots for everyone.)

  • A fun, supportive space to take some great pictures!


  • Other people: I can make this affordable by having lots of times available in one-day. If other people around makes you too nervous to take good photos, feel free to contact me about a full-length private session.

  • Time: Plan to spend at least 30 minutes at my place. Arrive early. You will have a short check-in period before your 15-minute session, which will begin about 10 minutes after your appointment time.

  • Hi-res images: I'm happy to provide retouching at an additional fee--or you can take your hi-res files to your favorite retouching person!

  • Input: Once we get going and have some photos that I like, I'll show them to you to make sure you like them, too!

  • Multiple looks: Feel free to book more than one slot, but leave at least one block in between your appointments to allow time to change your look.

  • Agents & Managers: Feel free to send your representatives some samples of my work in advance of shooting. If they approve, great! I'm happy to shoot with you. If they prefer another photographer, that's fine, too! No harm done!


  • Prepare your look: Take time in advance to think about your wardrobe and styling choices so you're not stressed out before your session. (For actors: think about the characters you want to play and look at how they're styled in film, commercials, and TV for ideas about what to wear.)

  • Take care of yourself: In the days before your shoot, drink plenty of water; eat healthy foods (lots of veggies and lean protein); and avoid drug & alcohol intake. This will help your skin and eyes look their best and reduce the need for retouching.

  • Arrive Early: There is free street parking in my (residential) neighborhood; but it can get a little busy on the weekends. Be sure you allow time to find a space and walk to the building.

  • Arrive Camera Ready: There is no makeup artist or hairstylist on site. Come with your looks set. If you need a little primping time before your session, feel free to arrive even earlier. You may use my office space for touch ups.

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