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Karen Ballard at Canon

There are some things that are fabulous about living in LA. The opportunities to meet wonderful creative people are one of them.

I was thrilled to go to Canon Burbank to hear Karen Ballard talk about her career in still photography, both behind-the-scenes of films and in-the-scenes of politics. Because we were in LA, a lot of the attendees were focused on her BTS work. But I found her portfolio of political documentary profoundly compelling. It was remarkable to see, through her decades of photographs, the political evolution that culminates in the United States we grapple with today. Click on the link above for her website, you won't be disappointed.

Also, nerdy gear photos below (because I never remember to take pics of myself--I know, I'm a self-portraitist...)

A crazy long lens on the 1Dx Mkii. I took this photo because I am so in love with the 1Dx Mkii. It is the only digital camera I have loved. If you shoot with it, you will become obsessed and have to buy it. It happened to me.

Canon C700 display at Canon Burbank. The image looks good!!!

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